Coincidence of Friendship and Family

Some things happen coincidentally but others are pure luck of true destiny. This is definitely one of those moments in this friendship. That very morning Ada and her family were called to the hospital. Not because they were sick but because Ada’s cousin was about to be born.

The crazy part was that very day was Dev’s birthday! How is that even possible!? Friends who just met and having a cousin born on her friend’s birthday the week they met. Crazy. Was it a coincidence or a struck of pure destiny. Only destiny will know.

Soon the baby boy was born. Ada choose to go back to school since her friend Dev was there. Plus Ada could not miss Devs birthday! When Ada arrived at school, she told Dev all about the crazy and amazing “coincidence.”

That day was full of exciting talk. About dreams, destiny, babies, birthdays, and well MLP. That day was very exciting for Dev and Ada. Since it was Dev’s birthday and Ada’s cousin was born.

Friendship Lesson; Accept the things that happen in life. They may seem like bad things to you but they are gifts in disguise. The wrapping paper may not look so great but the gift sure is grand. Accept your destiny. Accept the consequences in life. Many people try to say that there is no magic, no happiness. But there is always the magic of friendship inside you.

Joke/funny Friendship Lesson: things happen for no apparent reason so we call it destiny.


The First Day

The First Day we met was something out of a “fairytale.” We were sitting at a table in the 8th grade class. (We were 7th graders but since we were the only ones who didn’t go to 7th grade camp we got to hang out with the 8th grade class.) There were only about six 7th grade kids sitting at one table.

We all quietly talked (Aka: gossiped) while the 8th grade class did there lesson. Dev, has a slight crush on one of the 8th grade boys, so every 5 seconds she would just look up, and stare at him. Ada didn’t really notice Dev’s slight obsession.

Ada and Dev also began talking to a girl named Ava. Ava was a nice person but she was also like a rebel. Ava liked “Harry Potter” even though Ada and Dev couldn’t stand that book/movie. I mean, the CGE effects were terrible, and Harry Potter had such a punchable face!

Anyway back to the point. Ada and Dev had only met for an hour or so but it was clear that they would be lifelong friends.

They had so much in common. But every friend has some differences. But each of them enjoyed the others opinion. (Most of the time)

As for Ava, well, I guess she thought that they were too, childish and immature for her level, so she just hung out with other kids. Even though Ava said we were childish, and annoying she still hung out with us most of the time — and it makes sense why. We were the perfect combination of mature, immature, way to smart for our age, happy, overachievers, lighthearted, braggers, smilers, showoffs, funny, fun, big dreamers, appreciative, kind-hearted, and more. But, she didn’t mind. I mean, we are pretty awesome!!!!

We continued talking and hanging out. Soon it was time for lunch. Ada got her usual giant pretzel and baked hot Cheetos. While Dev had her usual grilled sandwich.

They continued to talk about MLP. Ada’s favorite character was Luna. While Dev’s favored character was Princess Cadence. The princesses are the best part of MLP. Yes, even better than the Mane 6 themselves. They also talked about which MLP character they would be. Ada was obviously (100%) Twilight Sparkle. While Dev was harder to place. We came upon the idea that Dev was like Rainbow Dash or Rarity.

Anyway, we soon were sent back into class. Dev then told Ada that her birthday was in three days. Ada and Dev soon made a joke saying that “You will have two birthdays in 8th grade.” They both laughed, enjoying the thought. (Little did they know, Dev was going to share a birthday with Ada’s cousin but that story is from another time) They continued to talk.

They were so excited for tomorrow, to go to school and see each other again. Which was a surprise since Ada and Dev both despised school as much as any other kid did. Reluctantly they went their separate ways. They were both Excited for the next day to commence.

Friendship Lesson; Take chances. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone.