Coincidence of Friendship and Family

Some things happen coincidentally but others are pure luck of true destiny. This is definitely one of those moments in this friendship. That very morning Ada and her family were called to the hospital. Not because they were sick but because Ada’s cousin was about to be born.

The crazy part was that very day was Dev’s birthday! How is that even possible!? Friends who just met and having a cousin born on her friend’s birthday the week they met. Crazy. Was it a coincidence or a struck of pure destiny. Only destiny will know.

Soon the baby boy was born. Ada choose to go back to school since her friend Dev was there. Plus Ada could not miss Devs birthday! When Ada arrived at school, she told Dev all about the crazy and amazing “coincidence.”

That day was full of exciting talk. About dreams, destiny, babies, birthdays, and well MLP. That day was very exciting for Dev and Ada. Since it was Dev’s birthday and Ada’s cousin was born.

Friendship Lesson; Accept the things that happen in life. They may seem like bad things to you but they are gifts in disguise. The wrapping paper may not look so great but the gift sure is grand. Accept your destiny. Accept the consequences in life. Many people try to say that there is no magic, no happiness. But there is always the magic of friendship inside you.

Joke/funny Friendship Lesson: things happen for no apparent reason so we call it destiny.