The Crazy Way These Two Friends Met,Will Shock You Senseless.

Meeting each other was simply glorious luck. So many things had to happen for us to meet. Our parents had to move from different countries, different states, and much more. From the east coast to the west, we have traveled far, but our friendship stays strong. Us meeting may have been a coincidence or the universe making the perfect match of friends. This is how we met and the seven year long gap.

Surprisingly we first met in first grade. But we never really talked. Then we both moved schools. Ada changed schools probably four times. While Dev went to two different schools. But surprisingly the two lost acquaintances met again in 7th grade.

They would never have met if it wasn’t for the awful 7th grade camp. Neither Dev nor Ada wanted to go.

Ada had gone to the camp in 6th grade and she got super homesick. To the point where she lost ten pounds and refused to eat or drink till she got home. Her strike (Aka; she learned it from Gandhi) got them to send her home.

However, the news came that she was moving to a different school. And there was another camp! Obviously she was not going to go again. So she had to join the 8th grade class and just hang out. That is were she met… DEV.

Dev was one of the only NICE 7th graders sitting at the table. Soon Ada (The other only nice person at the table) started talking. We soon realized we had a lot in common. Like our love for the T.V show “My Little Pony.” (That show is probably were we learned how to be such amazing friends.)

Since we were the only 7th graders. We spent all of our time together. Getting to know each other better and better. In no time at all we became the best of friends. This is the beginning of our story…

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